"We got 3 offers above the asking price in 24 hours! I would highly encourage you to give him a call. I know he will listen."
 - Cally S. (Seller)

As a first time home seller, Cally needed certainty. After learning about what was most important to her about making her move, we immediately got to work on getting her home in showcase condition. We received multiple offers in 24 hours and secured the most qualified buyer with the best price and on her terms to fuel her dreams and the next chapter of her life! 


"It was amazing! He always kept a calmness about him. He was very facts-driven with the purpose of always putting the buyer and the seller together. He did a great job for us! 
We sold within 3 days!
- Doug F. (Seller)

We worked closely with Doug and provided the input and guidance he needed to make sure we were achieving the best results in selling his home. We secured a solid full price offer the day after we hit the market and were under contract by Sunday! 


"We listed July 11 and closed the house on August 12. The whole process took a month - that was incredible! He did a great job getting my house sold for the price that I wanted in the fastest time. Thank you!"
- Thieu P. (Seller)

Thieu was given multiple cash offers for his home but he wasn't sure that was in his best interest. We took the time to understand what this next move meant for his family and, were able to net him OVER $30,000 more than any other offer he'd previously received! 


"Very responsive. Made the selling process as seamless as possible! Fantastic experience. I would highly recommend him!"
- Lee & Jordan W. (Sellers + Buyers)

Lee & Jordan dreamed of their forever home that they could grow into with their beautiful growing family. We received multiple offers within days, secured the most qualified buyer and sold for over their asking price in 30 days!
A month later, we helped them buy their dream home! 


"We found Atif on Instagram! He was more focused on what was most important to us as a family. He worked so quickly and within 5 days we found the house that we loved! We have had such an amazing experience with Atif. Everything has gone so smoothly and quick! We can't thank him enough. We not only gained a Realtor for life...we gained a new friend!"
- Catee & Brandon T. (Buyers)

Brandon & Catee were moving from New Mexico to Arizona and chose us to help them find a beautiful home in the location they needed and where they wanted to raise their family. We met January 29th and they took the keys to their new home March 10th! 


"You helped us find the perfect place! We couldn't be more delighted. You're our guy in Phoenix! We have so much confidence in you. Thank you!"
- John & Darlene H. (Buyers)

John & Darlene were ready to sell their investment property in California. We assisted them with the 1031 Exchange process and found them their dream home in Arizona for a whopping $94,500 under asking price and fully furnished!


"We greatly appreciated his insight, support & communication he provided us in helping us make the best decision for our family!"
- Austin & Ashley W. (Buyers)

Austin & Ashley were referred to us by their family. They were new to Arizona and we were thrilled to guide them along the path to successfully purchasing their first home in Arizona!


"We had 2 different real estate agents before Atif! We started working with Atif and it was immediately refreshing! He's willing to go the extra mile and build the relationships necessary. I love how he guided us! 
We're so happy!"
- Vanessa & Matthew R. (Buyers)

Vanessa & Matthew came to us frustrated and uncertain about their future. We wasted no time getting to work for them and within a couple of weeks we secured a gorgeous home in the area they wanted for $12,000 under the asking price!


"We started looking for a home and in less than a month we put in an offer that was accepted on a home that I couldn't have dreamed of AND in this aggressive market! Thank you so much! I couldn't have asked for a better Realtor. You listened to me and knew what I couldn't compromise on and YOU DELIVERED!"
- Huguette E. (Buyer)

When we met Huguette, the one question we had for her was "why is this important to you?" We immediately got to work for her and her 3 daughters and, in less than 30 days she was in her dream home! We had BEAT OUT 13 competing offers AND her home appraised for $31,000 LESS than the purchase price giving her INSTANT EQUITY!



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